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June 16, 2015

Some "doggone" great ideas!


These furry guys keep us on our toes and smiling, that's for sure! Each of these dogs has their own special talents...Harper can get anything she want's with those eyes. I mean seriously, who would say no to those blues??! Riley, well, Riley has mastered the "lean". If you go anywhere near him, he's going to lean on you until you pet him...and then he'll keep leaning! Charlie is a spunky little bugger with loads of energy. Young at heart and begging to play. And Rozie (with a "Z") innocently gets herself into trouble often...oh, there's some dirt! Let me roll in it. Oooh, new landscape, let me rip those new plants out for you...the list goes on!

We love our dogs, and each of their individual personalities. And if you have a dog, or pet of your own, you know how they quickly become part of the fabric of your home. To keep them out of trouble, and to maintain a bit of your own sanity, it's best to have some designated spaces just for Fido!

I hate to tell you, but if you don't stay on top of things, your house is going to smell like your dog. And depending on your breed, the dog hair may get so bad that it starts to look like you got a new shag rug (or is that just at my house?). It's not their fault, it's only natural. But it's up to us, their owners, to take good care of them and keep them clean and smelling fresh!

That's why I recommend incorporating a dog washing station into a design whenever I can. Whether it's a simple outdoor shower, or something you've created in a mudroom, it sure can be nice and convenient to help keep your pup on the up & up! And let's face it, while this may take an initial investment, grooming can add up too! In the end, the convenience and long-term savings win!

I do love the outdoor shower idea, maybe because it can be used for people too! Who doesn't love an outdoor shower on a hot summer night? This design could be used for both pet or people!

This one is great too! Simple. But what more do you need?

If you suffer from long winters (ahem, anyone who endured our last NH winter knows what I'm talking about), then you might want to bring tub time inside. Mudrooms are a great place for a washing station because, again, it can serve lots of purposes. Your son gets sap all over his legs after climbing the tree? No problem! Let's hit the mudroom washing station! Ohhh, you got bike grease all over your hands? Go no further than the mudroom! Fido rolled in the mud again, hop into the washing station buddy!

Now that we've got the four legged friends clean, how about a place to rest or snuggle? Dogs love to have their own space and quite frankly, crates aren't that pretty...functional, but not pretty! These designs are so good at using unused real estate that already exists in your home. Plus, they are pretty stylin!

Dogs need to run and play (and sometimes you just need them out of the house!). Here are some great ways to keep your dog entertained and out of trouble! It really doesn't get much better than this! The working fire hydrant is what sold me!!

Sometimes pups need to be contained, even in the backyard. Our Associate Designer and her husband created this awesome spot for Charlie to hang out it and stay out of trouble! How clever is this? And they did a great job incorporating it into their landscape too.

And finally, the stinkiest topic about our dogs....poop! You've heard it before, "everyone poops", but it's really not a lot of fun to deal with when you have a dog, or two or three...Plus, it ruins your grass. So why not make a spot just for Spot to go?! I have created several of these "potty areas" for my clients and all of them are so happy we did! It's super easy too! All it takes is a little fencing and some pea stone and voila!

I created a Pinterest board with lots of fun ideas. Click here to check them out! I hope you are inspired and that your dog(s) like their new design!

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Renee possesses a rare combination of artistic creativity and intuitive design. Her warmth and compassion extended beyond working with us to understanding the style and feel of our home and how we live in it. We felt fortunate to work with and get to know Renee and absolutely love the updates she made to our home- from windows and walls to artwork and furniture!

Jim P.

Renee is an absolutely wonderful designer. Very talented and easy to work with! She will transform your room or outdoor space into exactly what you want, only better!

Karen S.

Talented, creative, dedicated, great communicator. Renee is such a special person.

Marla W.

We have worked with Renee Carman at this company for almost 2 years. Renee is professional, personable, and a pleasure to know. She is very helpful and will go the extra mile to please her clients. Renee has excellent expertise and knowledge of interior design. We have a beautiful home and highly recommend her.

Lisa W.

Renee possesses a rare combination of artistic creativity and intuitive design.  Her warmth and compassion extended beyond working with us to understanding the style and feel of our home and how we live in it.  We felt fortunate to work with and get to know Renee and absolutely love the updates she made to our home- from windows and walls to artwork and furniture!

Kate S.

Renee was a pleasure to work with and has great vision. We were doing a total rehab of a recently purchased property and she was able to look at a gutted out '50s cottage and turn it into a beautiful mid-century modern home. She understood our budget and timeline and was good about narrowing all our options down to just a few choices. This expedited the process, made it less difficult and more enjoyable. Once the rehab is done, we look forward to working with her again and finish the rest of the rooms.

Bill H.

Renee at Mandeville Canyon Interior Design was simply wonderful to work with. She was able to understand what we were looking for in terms of color, function and design from the moment we first spoke. She's easy to work with, goes above and beyond and delivers an outstanding design.

I highly recommend Renee and Mandeville Canyon Interior Design. I don't think I will attempt to decorate another room in my house without the help of Renee!

Pam O.

Love working with Renee and Mandeville Canyon Interior Design ! I had the opportunity to collaborate on a large scale design project recently and the results were fantastic! Creative, resourceful and one of kind design ideas made this design opportunity with Renee "one of a kind" Have a large or small project? You won't be disappointed!!

Mary S.

Renee not only has an amazingly creative eye, she also directed a massive renovation for us this past year that included the challenges of operating during the pandemic. She put together a team that had an incredible work ethic and brought the project in on-time and on-budget. She's a great listener. When we threw ideas at her, she was never dismissive; quite the contrary, she made them better. Her patience, attention to detail combined with her whacky sense of humor meant we were all able to smile while producing a home that we love. A great talent and a great lady.

Ann R.

Rene is amazing!  Great customer care and wonderful attention to detail.

Holly M.