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Interior Design

Services With a Twist

Our holistic approach infuses health, wellbeing, and the impact our surroundings have on us as humans into every aspect of our work, creating spaces that elevate your daily living experience and promote harmony with the natural world.

Full-Service Interior Design

For everything from remodels and moving walls to complete project management, we prioritize functionality, nature-based aesthetics, and your unique needs, creating spaces that support modern living and enhance your overall quality of life.

Our team works closely with you to evaluate your current space to identify opportunities for transformation. We collaborate with architects and structural engineers when needed, ensuring your space is optimized for wellness, efficiency, and lasting beauty.

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Luxury rustic kitchen design by Mandeville Canyon Interior Design
Large island in kitchen

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Our designers recognize the importance of kitchens, the center of the home, and bathrooms, your sanctuary after a long day. Our kitchen and bathroom designs are tailored to create spaces for joyful gatherings and tranquil escapes. 

We understand the needs and preferences of our clients to design kitchens that balance organization with beauty, and bathrooms that offer both luxury and practicality.

We collaborate with experienced partners for specialized tasks such as cabinet design and drawings, ensuring that we execute every detail to perfection. Our designs also take into account ADA concerns and aging-in-place considerations, providing user-friendly spaces that are inclusive and adaptable. 

Whether you're seeking a contemporary update or a timeless renovation, our kitchen and bathroom designs will transform these essential spaces into the cornerstones of your home.

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New Build Interior Design

Dedicated to creating harmonious living environments, we work closely with builders and architects to make design decisions that ensure that your new home reflects your personal style, while seamlessly integrating nature-inspired design elements for a cohesive, organic, and inviting environment.

By serving as your advocate throughout the building process, we ensure that we bring your vision to life. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration during the process, which is why we maintain open lines of dialogue with builders, contractors, and other professionals involved in your project. This proactive approach ensures that the final result reflects your unique vision and promotes health and wellbeing at every turn.

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Luxury bathroom design
Interior design consultation and collaboration with Renee Carman

Design Collaborations

Collaborate with Mandeville Canyon Interior Design to infuse your projects with a unique, organic touch. Our expertise in creating harmonious, functional, and captivating spaces enhances the living experience for prospective buyers, giving your properties a competitive edge in the market.

By partnering with Mandeville Canyon Interior Design, you'll benefit from our commitment to sustainable practices, innovative design solutions, and a deep understanding of how nature-inspired interiors can elevate a property's appeal.

Join forces with us to create exceptional homes that prioritize health, wellbeing, and a strong connection to the natural world, setting your projects apart and attracting discerning buyers who appreciate the unique qualities of a Mandeville Canyon Interior Design home.

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Vacation Rental Design

Offering both virtual (e-design) and in-person services, we ensure that your rental properties are vacation ready by offering fast turnarounds and stunning results. 

We assess the unique needs and challenges of your vacation rental, followed by developing economical solutions that maximize visual impact without sacrificing quality. We manage projects from beginning to end, making sure each design element aligns with your vision. 

Our team also oversees the moving and cleaning crews, guaranteeing that your property is ready for renters as soon as the design is complete. We can quickly and efficiently transform your vacation rental into a stylish and inviting space that will keep your guests coming back time and time again.

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Living room with nautical decor
Second home interior design

Second Home Design

Whether you're looking for virtual or in-person interior design for your personal vacation home or a rental home, we can quickly transform your space into a well-designed space for you that will leave a lasting impression on renters and guests.

Our design team will handle everything from furniture and decor selections to arranging movers and ensuring that the best cleaning crews leave your space ready to enjoy.

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Commercial Interior Design

Our commercial interior design services focus on bringing nature into the workplace and fostering an environment that supports health and wellbeing.

We understand the impact that a well-designed space can have on productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction, which is why we work closely with our clients to create spaces that inspire and invigorate.

Our designs carefully balance form and function, ensuring that the needs of your business are met while providing a visually impressive experience for employees and visitors alike.

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Commercial lobby interior design

Your Design Journey

Immerse yourself in the world of thoughtful interior design as we create spaces that promote wellbeing and bring subtle touches of nature indoors.

Transformations Worth Sharing

Clients who have experienced the transformative power of healthy interior design

Renee possesses a rare combination of artistic creativity and intuitive design. Her warmth and compassion extended beyond working with us to understanding the style and feel of our home and how we live in it. We felt fortunate to work with and get to know Renee and absolutely love the updates she made to our home- from windows and walls to artwork and furniture!

Jim P.

Renee is an absolutely wonderful designer. Very talented and easy to work with! She will transform your room or outdoor space into exactly what you want, only better!

Karen S.

Talented, creative, dedicated, great communicator. Renee is such a special person.

Marla W.

We have worked with Renee Carman at this company for almost 2 years. Renee is professional, personable, and a pleasure to know. She is very helpful and will go the extra mile to please her clients. Renee has excellent expertise and knowledge of interior design. We have a beautiful home and highly recommend her.

Lisa W.

Renee possesses a rare combination of artistic creativity and intuitive design.  Her warmth and compassion extended beyond working with us to understanding the style and feel of our home and how we live in it.  We felt fortunate to work with and get to know Renee and absolutely love the updates she made to our home- from windows and walls to artwork and furniture!

Kate S.

Renee was a pleasure to work with and has great vision. We were doing a total rehab of a recently purchased property and she was able to look at a gutted out '50s cottage and turn it into a beautiful mid-century modern home. She understood our budget and timeline and was good about narrowing all our options down to just a few choices. This expedited the process, made it less difficult and more enjoyable. Once the rehab is done, we look forward to working with her again and finish the rest of the rooms.

Bill H.

Renee at Mandeville Canyon Interior Design was simply wonderful to work with. She was able to understand what we were looking for in terms of color, function and design from the moment we first spoke. She's easy to work with, goes above and beyond and delivers an outstanding design.

I highly recommend Renee and Mandeville Canyon Interior Design. I don't think I will attempt to decorate another room in my house without the help of Renee!

Pam O.

Love working with Renee and Mandeville Canyon Interior Design ! I had the opportunity to collaborate on a large scale design project recently and the results were fantastic! Creative, resourceful and one of kind design ideas made this design opportunity with Renee "one of a kind" Have a large or small project? You won't be disappointed!!

Mary S.

Renee not only has an amazingly creative eye, she also directed a massive renovation for us this past year that included the challenges of operating during the pandemic. She put together a team that had an incredible work ethic and brought the project in on-time and on-budget. She's a great listener. When we threw ideas at her, she was never dismissive; quite the contrary, she made them better. Her patience, attention to detail combined with her whacky sense of humor meant we were all able to smile while producing a home that we love. A great talent and a great lady.

Ann R.

Rene is amazing!  Great customer care and wonderful attention to detail.

Holly M.